Mohabbat Ka Amal Qurani Taweez

Mohabbat Ka Amal Qurani Taweez

 Mohabbat Ka Amal Qurani Taweez:

Mohabbat ka Amal Surah Falaq k Taweez Se Hay , ” Is taweez ko print kar lain, phir is per surah falaq (10000) martba parrh kay dam kareen. jis kisi ko be mohabbat main dewana karna ho us ka naam picha likh den is tarah Al hubbo fala bin fala Alaa hubbe fala bin fala ,
(Falan bin Falan) ki jaga jiss banda per amal karna ho us ka naam or uski maan ka naam likhain,
Agar chahe kay mard Orat se mohabbat kare to naam Orate ka pehle or mard ka piche likhain or agar chahe k Orat mard se mohabbat kare to naam mard ka Orat ke naam se pehla likhe or likhte waquat muun (mouth) main chini (Sugar) khae (eat) .

Agar yeah sab samajh main karna na aae to phir simple sa sentence likha:
For example ya Allah razia binte rasheeda ko asghar bin bano ki mohabbat main bekarar karden k wo asghar se ishq kare.

Yeah likhne k baad is taweez ko aik glass pani main dal k bego den (1) raat tak.
Phir jis ke naam ka taweez ho usko kisi na kisi tarah pila dain ya phir us ke khane main yeah pani mila dain ya cold drink main jab wo ghar jae ga jis na yeah pani piya hoga to usi raat us ka dimag apse mohabbat karne ke bare main sochta rahe ga yeah sirf one time hi karna hota ha bus is ka asar (3) din main hi zahir ho jata he.
Sirf Shadi ki niyat se karain Varna Gunah ke Zimmadaar aap Khud hoon ge.

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    yes, some relapse

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