Powerful Amal For Love Marriage

Powerful Amal For Love Marriage

Powerful Amal For Love Marriage:

Love Marriage key liay behtreen norani amal aisey behan aur bhai jo aik dosrey sey kafi arsa sey love krtey hen aur aapas mei love marriage bhi krna chahtey hen. magar unki marriage mei rukawat aa rahe hey.

un tamam behan aur bhai key liay pasand ki shadi ka Powerful Amal For Love Marriage parrhen aur kamyabi hasil karen.

لا الہ رحم کر الااللہ کرم کر”

محمد الرسول اللہ میری مدد کر

فلاں کو میرے نکاح میں کر

“صدقے پنجتن پاک کے


Nochandi peer ki pehli sa’ad sa’at mei aik sufed paper per seyahi sey yeh ebarat-e-amal total (3) mrtba likhen. or awwal wa aakhir (11×11) mrtba durood shreef parrhen aur drmiyan mei mehboob ka tasawwur aur kheyal key sath amal (500) mrtba parrh kar taweezat per (3) mrtba phoonk den, aur un taveezat ko iss tarah istemal karen.

  1. taweez ko galey mei pehan len.

  2. taveez ko quran pak key ander rakhen.

  3. taweez ko kisi oonchi jagah bandh den jahan hawa sey hilta rahey.

aur uskey bad amal ko rozana bad namaz isha wuzu ki halat mei mehboob ka tasawwur pukhta rakh kar (500) mrtba parrh kar khud per (3) bar phoonk den. aur shadi key liay dua mangen amal key doran time aur jagah ki pabandi rakhen. pak saf rahen (5) waqt namaz parrhen aur free waqt mei durood shreef parrhen.

isi tarah amal ko rozana parrhen jab tak love marriage ho naa jaaye amal jari rakhen inshaaAllah kuch din mei masla hal ho jaaye ga.

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